Alex Schlegel


Alex grew up playing on the shorelines and sailing the waters of West River and the Chesapeake Bay. As a son of Buck Schlegel who worked for Uncle Dick Hartge and at Hartge Yacht Yard, and married Elsie Hartge, daughter of Oscar who succeeded his brother Dick and father, Emile, as manager of the yard, Alex started his life long sailing career in a Penguin. He advanced to racing a friend's Chesapeake 20 and then his own Windmill. Alex moved briefly to San Francisco where he crewed for 2 1/2 years on a Fireball but eventually returned home to the Chesapeake Bay. He continued to race a 505 for a few years, then a cousin's Chesapeake 20's and eventually his own 20. Alex moved into racing various keel boats including Tartan 10's, Tartan 27's, a Tartan Black Watch, a Melges 24 named "Bufflehead", and currently a Frers 41, called "Oscar".

Aside from his long career racing sailboats on the Bay, Alex has cruised Croatia, Italy, and from Canada to the Bahamas. Presently he owns three Dick Hartge boats: a 36 ft. launch, "Onaway", which was built in 1921 to a design of his father's, a Chesapeake 20, "Resolute" designed and built in the '30's, and a 12 ft. Rosy Tosy row boat designed around 1970.

Alex has a degree in architecture from University of Virginia. He worked for architecture firms in California and Annapolis but couldn't stay away from boats or boatyards. In 1974, Alex returned to work at Hartge Yacht Yard and in time assumed the role of General Manager. He and his wife, Donna, have run Hartge Yacht Yard for over 40 years.


Brandy Whitman

Receptionist / Accounts Payable

2016 - present

Brandy came to HYY after her brief employment at Clark's Landing in Accounts Payable. When given the opportunity to fill her mother's shoes (Linda worked at Hartge's for 27 years) in the HYY office, she couldn't say no. Prior to coming to Hartge's, Brandy had worked in the restaurant industry for much of her life. She contributes her exceptional friendliness and excellent customer relations skills to the office.

In her time away from Hartge's, she prefers to spend time with her family and plays a fierce game of cornhole.

Alaina Wine


2016 - present

Alaina is the great, great granddaughter of the founder Emile Hartge. She joined HYY's office staff in 2016 following a short hiatus from full-time work. Before that she served in the U.S. Navy and she brings her various skills learned while in the military.

When not at work, Alaina can be found biking in the village or somewhere paddling around the West River with her two children.