Kelsey Averill

Forklift & Travel Lift Operator,         2010 - present

Kelsey, a south county native, is a natural outdoorsman: a hunter, an angler, a sailor and a gatherer. He names the elusive turkeys that he hunts. He is a very knowledgeable mushroom forager, and catches trophy rockfish off his Shady Side community pier (no fishing boat needed). 

As a teen, Kelsey was a sailing instructor at West River Sailing Club and his only means of transportation was sailing his laser from the Shady Side Bay shore to Galesville. He now sails a high performance 505.

Prior to working at HYY, Kelsey worked for a Mooring and Salvage business, a marine company, a seafood retailer, and in construction. When he came to Hartge's, Kelsey worked under Nick Schlegel on the Travel Lift crew. He is now the main operator of the lifts.

Kelsey is a certified Travel lift & Forklift Operator.
Mann Garrett

Yard Laborer, 2017 - present

Mann, son of Melvin - our Stockroom Supervisor, started worked at Hartge's in his youth, learning the basics of sanding, painting and general boat maintenance.

He took a hiatus to pursue his love of the culinary arts, working in restaurants and casino venues in Maryland and Connecticut.

Mann returned to HYY last year and enjoys being back on the water and out in the sun.

Dan Spokely

Yard Laborer, 2017 - present

Dan grew up in Annapolis and trained as an Electrician with Local 26 IBEW, a Washington D.C., MD and VA based Electricians Union. He decided to take a different direction and joined HYY in early 2017.

While gaining the knowledge of marine electronics, Dan works on painting, waxing and doing other tasks required on boats.

Dan is an avid fan of the Baltimore Orioles and volunteers every fall for a local Haunted House.

Dave Voss

Yard Laborer, 2017 - present

Dave graduated from The Landing School of Arundel, Maine in 2017, where he focused on learning to build small wooden boats.

Last year Dave joined the HYY crew, apprenticing with our carpenters. He continues to learn from the extensive knowledge of our carpenters, but he has branched out to help where he is needed throughout the yard.

Dave's general boat knowledge makes him a welcome asset to the crew.


Eric Steinlein

Yard Laborer, 2018 - present

Eric, a recent hire, is a son of long-time friend of HYY's owner, Alex. Eric's father is a retired commercial pile driver who worked on various Chesapeake projects such as Calvert Cliffs LNG terminal. Eric's grandfather was a naval architect, marine surveyor and Chesapeake Bay boat historian.

Following in his family's heritage, Eric got his first job at a marina when he was 15 yrs old and has continued to develop his skills and knowledge over the last 25 years.

Eric is a certified Travel Lift and Cono-lift operator.